How to Blur Student Faces on YouTube Videos

Com desenfocar les cares dels alumnes en un vídeo de YouTube?
Si alguna vegada has tingut aquesta necessitat, sigui per permisos d’imatge o altres raons, o simplement volies difuminar alguna part i fragment d’un vídeo; ara YouTube t’ho posa molt fàcil amb la utilitat millorada de “Desenfocament Personalitzat”.
A la següent entrada del blog de Jonathan Wylie t’explica com fer-ho pas a pas.

Jonathan Wylie

Blur student faces on YouTube

Student privacy is important, but so is sharing student work online. With the ability to blur faces on YouTube you may be able to have the best of both worlds. YouTube has had blurring effects for some time now, but it was somewhat crude and did not always work as well as it might. However, this week YouTube introduced custom blurring effects, and they work much better than before. Here’s how they work!

Step 1: Upload your video to YouTube. If you have student faces that you need to blur before you go public with your video, be sure to set your video to private until you get all the edits done that you need.

Step 2: Follow the URL for your new video and click the magic wand under the player controls to go to the Enhancements menu.

magic wand youtube playerStep 3: Select the Blurring Effects tab on…

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I am a teacher of physical education and "coach" ICT in School Sadako Barcelona. I love researching new technologies and their possible application in the educational world. Currently working in a 1:1 environment with iPad. Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2013. Soc professor d'educació física i "entrenador" TIC a l'Escola Sadako de Barcelona. M'apassiona investigar les noves tecnologies i la seva possible aplicació al mon educatiu. Actualment treballant en un entorn 1:1 amb iPad. Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2013.

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