Education on Air



Google is holding a conference on education “Education on Air” on May 8-9, Friday afternoon – evening and Saturday  for those of us living in a European time zone. The conference schedule is now out and you can register for free to attend virtually. Some of the interesting panels and keynote presentations on the Friday schedule include:

What are the skills of the future?
In this panel, the Economist Intelligence Unit “will share findings from their ‘Skills of the Future’ report where they surveyed business leaders, teachers and students to examine how skills taught in education systems around the world are changing and evolving”.

Inspiring learners with the power of storytelling
This is a keynote by actor, director and author Levar Burton in which he will “discuss the influence of storytelling on his personal life and explain how storytelling engages those around us and impacts learning”.

Making change happens
In this keynote, Lisa bell, founder and CEO of FutureThink, will “provide three practical, actionable suggestions you can try at school or any work place” to start an innovation revolution.

Transforming learning with technology
In this panel, several high-tech district leaders will get to share with you their approaches to improving teaching and learning using technology.

On Saturday, there are sessions on all sorts of topics from the flipped classroom to empowering students through technology, Google apps for education and assessment and literacy to name a few.

The event is in English.



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